Monday, 12 September 2016

Benefits of BYOD in the classroom

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Today’s generation of students is different from previous generations. They keep their mobile devices on them eternally and expect connectivity all the time. Therefore, as our culture continues to become more and more gadget dependent, BYOD in schools (bring your own device) becomes BYOD in education and it is inevitable. There is going to be a wave of devices arriving at the school wireless network, whether software companies in India like it or not. The times is changing and education and softwares developed by software development companies must change with it.

Here are some benefits of implementing BYOD in classroom:

1) Workforce ready students

The world today’s student’s upbringing is becoming increasingly tech-addicted. We use our mobile devices all the time for just every task we do these days. Today’s students will likely be using mobile devices in their future vocations, so why not in still them with the tools they will be working with in the future.  It provides a chance for teaching courteous/appropriate use of mobile devices which they will be using when they grow up to become future professionals. The whole point of education is to prepare them for their future.

2) Teamwork becomes easier

With BYOD technology in the classroom, students can easily team up on projects and even with students from other schools. Group effort is the key to engagement in today’s classrooms.

3) Learning outside the school walls

Students spend many hours outside the school on their mobile devices. So why not use it as an advantage. Let them use these devices as engaging learning tools in the classroom. Then, they can simply bring their homework, educational games, projects, books, etc. and everything they need to continue learning outside the school can be accessed with a swipe of the finger.

4) Personalised instruction

BYOD provides a chance for personalised education. Teachers can use media to cater to the different learning needs of the students. Then all students can learn and shine at their own pace.

5) Cost Saving

Although BYOD is really about delivering education in innovative ways, saving money isn’t a bad objective to have additionally. With the students using their own mobile devices as classroom technology, schools can save some serious money on technology costs. Schools nowadays spend a fortune trying to keep up with all the latest and updated technology that can be used for education these days. So let students bring in their latest technology in the classroom and remove that burden from schools.

6) Gamification

It’s an old saying that ’Video games make children dumb’,  but apparently there are all sorts of new games these days that parents and teachers actually inspire video game playing. There’s an app and a game for everything these days that makes learning a funny and exciting experience.

7) Education becomes more interactive

BYOD allows student to use their own devices in the classroom to make learning more fun and interactive than ever before. Students can interact with students and subject matter experts in other countries, create a digital scavenger hunt or take virtual field trips. Hence, the possibilities are endless and students love it.

8) Increased Engagement

Students these days live for technology. So it only makes sense to use their love for technology in the classroom if we really want to get them engaged.

9) Student and Teacher exchange the roles

BYOD changes the entire learning and teaching model. With the technology they are using for BYOD, students can have more command over their own learning. They can raise questions and do research instead of just listening to a lecture from the teacher.

10) eBooks

In the real world, things and information are constantly changing. Till the time most textbooks reach the classroom, the information contained in them is considered outdated. BYOD allows students’ access to the latest and updated information available through ebooks/digital textbooks. Many digital textbooks also offer interactive aspects as well.  Also, students can easily carry them around and access them whenever they want.

By acknowledging that smartphones, tablets, and laptops are realistic components in the lives of every human being and by accepting it openly and actively in the exploratory use of these tools for education, we are opening the door for our students that leads to the core of the 21st century experience. Software development companies should consider this view while developing new generation softwares.

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