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BDaaS - Big Data as a Service

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The terms software as a service, platform as a service and infrastructure as a service are known to cloud enthusiasts. Now, by combining the data used in a software outsourcing company in india, by each of these all together and up scaling the amount of data involved, the term that we arrive on is Big Data as a Service.

What is BDaaS?

BDaaS is a term used to describe the varieties of outsourcing of Big Data functions.This can range from supply of data, to the supply of analytical tools through which actual analysis can be performed by interrogating the data and provision of reports. Some vendors have BDaaS packages which include consulting and advisory services provided by them.

Why is BDaaS useful?

There are many advantages of outsourcing or virtualizing your analytics activities which involve huge datasets.

The fame of Hadoop has to some extent made Big Data usable for all – anyone can use cheap off-the-shelf hardware and open source software to analyse data, if they invest time and resources effectively in learning how to do so. However, money is being spent up front on components and infrastructure for most commercial Big Data initiatives. 

Also, on top of upfront costs, storing and managing huge amount of information requires an ongoing investment of time and resources for a software outsourcing company. When you use BDaaS, all of the techy “nuts and bolts” are theoretically, out of sight and out of mind, giving you ample time for concentrating on business issues.

BDaaS providers often leave this decision making to the customer – the providers have everything set up and ready to go – and the customer simply rents the use of their cloud-based storage and analytics engines and pays either for the time they used these or the amount of data crunched. BDaaS vendors often take on the cost of complying with the standards and policies as well as data protection. When the data is stored on their servers, they are often held responsible for it.

(Twitter, 2016) usage statistics on IBM’s Analytics for Twitter service, which provides businesses with access to data and analytics on Twitter’s 5000lakhs tweets per day and 2800lakhs monthly active users. The service provides analytical tools and applications for deriving information from that unorganized, unstructured data and has trained 4,000 consultants to help businesses convert plans into action to profit from them.

The arrival of Apple’s Watch – the device that will bring consumer wearables into the workplace – will doubtlessly bring with it a plethora of new BDaaS apps. They will immerse up the data from the assumed millions of people who will soon be using it for functions ranging from monitoring their heart rate to arranging their social calendar to remote controlling their home entertainment. Apple and IBM have just announced their collaboration on a big data health platform too.

In the area of sales and marketing, BDaaS is increasingly playing its role, too. Large number of software outsourcing companies now offer customer profiling services, including Acxiom – the biggest seller of direct marketing data. By applying analytics to the huge amount of personal data they collect, they can more effectively profile people as consumers and hand their own customers potential leads.

Amazon’s AWS and Google’s AdSense &AdWords are some of the known services that would also fall under thiscategory. They are all used by thousands of SMB to host data infrastructure, and target their marketing at relevant places where potential customers could be lurking.


The term ‘Big Data as a Service’ may be rather clumsy and inelegant but the concept is not the same. As more and more software outsourcing companies realise the value of implementing Big Data strategies, more services will emerge to support them. Data analysis brings positive change to any firm that takes it earnestly, and this includes smaller scale operations which neither have the expertise nor the budget to develop that expertise to do it themselves.

Integrating analytics into working in a virtualized environment is the next step. Big Data projects are viable now for many businesses that previously would have considered them out of reach.


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