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Road to AI and its Applications

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Since the creation of computers or equipment, their capability to complete various tasks has grown exponentially. Man have advanced the power of computer systems in various diverse in work domains with the custom software by the softwaredevelopment companies, in terms of increased speed, and reduced size with respect to time.
A division of Computer Science named Artificial Intelligence follows creating the computers or equipment as intelligent and smart as human beings.
Artificial Intelligence
According to [ CITATION RCC16 \l 1033 ], Artificial Intelligence is defined as “The science and engineering of creating intelligent machines, particularly intelligent computer programs”.
Artificial Intelligence is a technique of making a computer, a computer-controlled robot, or a software that think logically, in a similar manner the human mind work and think.
Artificial Intelligence is accomplished by reading and studying how human brain thinks, and how humans absorb and learn, take decision, and work while attempting to solve a problem, and later using the results of the study as a base to develop intelligent software and systems.
Thus, the development of Artificial Intelligence started with the purpose of replicating human intelligence completely.
Goals of Artificial Intelligence
AI gives possible goals to pursue system that can think like humans and act rationally. Artificial Intelligence aims at creating expert systems which exhibit intelligent behavior, to learn, demonstrate and advice users for the help they are seeking for. Thus, software development companies should build software system with the Artificial Intelligence that tries to implement Human Intelligence in equipment and machines that can understand, learn and behave as human beings.
Artificial Intelligence Technique
Artificial Intelligence Technique is a way to consolidate, well organize and effective usage of the knowledge in such a way that can be perceived by the people who offer it. The knowledge should be useful in every situation even though it is incomplete or inaccurate.
AI techniques raise execution speed of the complex programs by correcting the errors.
Applications of AI
Artificial Intelligence has been prevailing in various fields and domains such as
  • Gaming 
Games are interactive computer program, basically a developing area in which the areas of human level artificial intelligence are pursued. Artificial Intelligence plays vital role in strategic and calculated games such as chess, checkers, etc., where machine can consider numerous possible locations based on heuristic knowledge. It also take into consideration the time-limits of the each phase of game.
  • Expert Systems 
Artificial Intelligence enables a system to identify and diagnose situations without the presence of any human expert. There exists few applications which integrate equipment, software, and important information to deliver reasoning and advising. The Expert Systems rely on knowledge of human experts for example Planning, scheduling, taking Financial Decision, Diagnosis, troubleshooting and taking corrective decisions.
  • Computer Vision Systems
It is a combination of techniques and ideas from Computer Graphics, digital image processing. Computer Vision systems understand, and follow visual inputs on the computer for example, photographs taken by spying aeroplane for the purpose of gathering information for geographical maps. In medical terms, diagnosing the patients using clinical expert system used by doctors. For the investigation purpose like police using the computer software for face recognition of the criminals portrait made by forensics artist.
  • Speech Recognition
A procedure of converting a speech signal to the arrangement of words. The typical usage includes Voice Dialing, Call routing. It can also be used for data entry.
Various intelligent systems are proficient at hearing and grasping the language in terms of verdicts while a human communicates to it. It handles different accents, Background Noise, etc.
  • Intelligent Robots
Robots are able to perform and accomplish the human tasks. They are built with sensors to detect physical data from the real world such as temperature, movement, sound, heat and pressure. They have competent processors, various sensors and huge memory, to exhibit intelligence. In addition, Intelligent Robots are proficient at learning from mistakes committed and adapt changes as per the new environment.
Conclusion: [ CITATION RCC16 \l 1033 ]
The custom software development companies can develop and use various systems which have in-built Artificial Intelligence. The capabilities of the system with Artificial intelligence will increase the effectiveness and speed of the work along with the time consumption.

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