Tuesday, 19 April 2016

Safety Training – An Essential Investment for any Software outsourcing company - Part 1

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Look around the office. Now imagine one of the power points accidentally catches fire in an organization like an outsourcing company. What will you do next? How do you expect your employees to react in such a situation? Is there any fire extinguisher present in the vicinity of the premise?

It is only at the time of emergency one realizes what the company has missed out on. “Safety Training” is one of the things that an outsourcing company in India must prioritize while strategizing their business. In most businesses it has been noted that health and safety troubles cost for unaccounted losses every year. This is true especially for SME’s which depend not only on the human resource but also have limited financial resources to spend with. Recent researches prove that positivity towards workplace safety relates to better performance through increase in productivity and lowering in costs which ultimately results in higher profitability.

Most individuals do not realize the importance of safety training in workplace environment of a software outsourcing company as they claim that this is more of common sense rather than acquired knowledge, which is actually true. But observe your mind losing its ability to think rationally in such an emergency. You might know where the extinguishers are placed but that does not matter if one does not know how to use it efficiently. For such purposes, “Safety Training” is important.

Safety Training deals with training the individuals as how to react at time of emergency and equipping one with confidence and skill to think, process and act quickly and efficiently. A proper safety training program equips an individual with hands-on training to familiarize with safe practices so that one does not fumble at time of emergency in the premises of a software outsourcing company.

Thus, Safety training and awareness should be considered as a long-term investment for any business. Software outsourcing companies in India should have a portion of yearly budget allocated towards safety training as that will be less costly than paying off the expenses for frequent damage repairs. For an unbiased implementation of this one must appoint an external expert who will analyze the workplace with a fresh perspective and fill in the safety gaps appropriately.

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